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The UniBox is both a compact and a low-cost device* for the measurement of the pavement longitudinal irregularities whose wavelengths range from 0.5 m to 50 m. This system which can works at the traffic speed is adapted to the following applications :

  • Monitoring of the road networks in France (mainly secondary roads);

  • Control of the evenness of the pavement layers (eg. base course, subbase course) during construction works or maintenance works (self-controlling operations done by the works companies);

  • Monitoring of the road networks (main and secondary roads) in developing countries;

  • Control of the longitudinal profile for specific infrastructure (eg. special lane for bus, trolleybus, etc.).

The UniBox system runs with proprietary software for the data acquisition and analysis. The road profile signal and the corresponding road indicators (eg. NBO or IRI) can be easily and quickly processed for in situ operations.

The UniBox is a certified measurement system (mlpc®) commercialized since 2016.

* By comparison with the cost of the common measurement systems


See : Poster of Unibox (FR)