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Full scale experiments

LAMES has large facilities for accelerated testing of pavements : a pavement fatigue carrousel and two linear traffic simulators FABAC.

LAMES develops also methods and sensors for instrumentation and remote monitoring of pavements, and carries out monitoring of instrumented experimental pavements (road or railway) as well as expertise on pavements.

The applications mainly concern :

  • assessment under traffic of road materials and innovative pavement structures or specific road elements ;
  • assessment of instrumentation and pavement monitoring methods ;
  • validation of constitutive models and design methods for pavement.

Most of the tests are carried out under contracts with industrial partners.

Example of the NEMO project

As part of the NEMO project, a new track has been built on the fatigue carousel in order to test innovative wearing courses.
The construction is summarized in the video below :

6th APT international conference

BioRepavation project (6 min 49)